How to troubleshoot Windows XP-based computer can not read CD or DVD problems? – 3

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Method 4: Use another CD-ROM drive (DVD player)
1. If the computer has multiple CD-ROM drive, insert the other CD-ROM CD-ROM drive, and then try to read the disc. Note: Make sure the disc is compatible with CD-ROM drive. For example, do not try to insert a standard DVD disc to a CD-ROM drive, not to insert the CD-RW discs in the CD drive which do not support CD-RW disc. For DVD disc, make sure the drive has a DVD logo on the front.
2. If the CD work in other CD-ROM drive, contact your computer manufacturer or disc drive manufacturer for assistance. The original CD-ROM drive may have a problem.
3. If the disc in other drive still does not work, please contact the manufacturer to obtain the CD-ROM disc replacement. CD-ROM may be damaged.
4. Receive a replacement disc, try to read the disc.
5. If you still experience problems with the replacement disc, try Method 5.

Method 5: Clean the disc drive (DVD copy)
1. Using the CD or DVD drive cleaning disc drive cleaning disc to clean the CD-ROM drive. Note: drive cleaning discs are available in most computer stores or appliance store to purchase. Purchase a drive cleaning disc, please use the other methods listed in this article to resolve the problem.
2. Try to read the disc again.
3. If the disc still can not be read, try the method 6.

Method 6: Test the disc by copying files (DVD player software)
1. Click “start”, “Run”, type cmd, and then press Enter.
2. Copy CD drive or DVD drive files to a folder on the hard disk cdtest folder. To do this, type xcopy DiscDrive: \ *.* HardDiskDrive: \ cdtest / v / e at the command prompt,, and then press Enter.
* In this step, DiscDrive is drive letter of the CD-ROM drive or DVD drive. HardDiskDrive is the drive letter of hard disk drive.
* If asked “cdtest” specifies a file name or a directory name, press F.
* After file copy is complete, you can delete these files. To this end, in the command prompt, type rd / s cdtest, and then press Enter.
3. If you can not successfully copy the files on CD or DVD, try Method 7


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