How to troubleshoot Windows XP-based computer can not read CD or DVD problems? – 4

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Method 7: Close unnecessary software (DVD X PlayerDVD Player software)
Step 1: Restart your computer, do not start unnecessary software
NOTE: For information about how to use least driver when start Windows, please try the following link to view the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.
192926 ( How to perform a clean troubleshooting boot on Windows 98
267288 ( How to perform a clean boot on Windows Millennium Edition
310353 ( How to configure Windows XP to start at “clean boot” state
Step 2: Quit all unnecessary programs
a. After the computer restarts, quit all programs that are running.
b. Right-click each icon in the notification area, and then click “Exit.”
Note: The notification area is located in the far right of the taskbar near the clock. Some are listed in the notification area program does not have “exit” command. Therefore, you may need to click “Exit”, “off” or “Disabled”, depending on the order for the program.
c. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then click the “Windows Security” screen “Task Manager.”
d. In the “Windows Task Manager”, click “application.”
e. If the “task” list shows any program, click the program name, then click “End Task.”
f. Repeat previous steps until the “tasks” list is empty.
Step 3: Try to read the disc
a. try to read the disc again.
b. If you still experience problems with the disc, try Method 8.

Method 8: Switch CD-ROM drive controller to direct memory access (DMA) mode (DVD clone/DVD copy)
1. Configured the CD drive or DVD drive under DMA mode. About how the computer’s disc drive controller to DMA mode switch more information, please try the following link to view the Microsoft Knowledge Base article: 310751 ( in Windows XP, hard to find equipment set.
2. Try to read the disc again.
3. If the same problem occurs, try Method 9.


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