HTC Thunderbolt Reviews

Jul 11th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 2,488 views |Comments Off

Bright responsive display
Fast 1Ghz processor
Fast LTE 4G: giving me a 19Mbps result
Decent call quality
Talk and surf

Priced pretty high
Battery life is horrible

This phone has some pretty incredible features that made for a pleasing experience. I used this device while living from two different houses. This was great because the WiFi tether feature came in handy when I was at my second house without internet access, and it’s actually faster than my internet provider. The phone is a bit on the thick side, almost the size of the HTC Evo4G that was released over a year ago, and that was a let-down because phones are started to fit the same technology in a much smaller device like the Galaxy S II.


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