Install or updater audio driver and enable DVD X Player work for you

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Some people ask us that why can’t we normally play DVD with DVD X Player? I have purchase DVD X Player and get it license code why can’t it work for me? Yes, if DVD X Player can’t play DVD so we also should timely to ask ourselves why software can’t play.

DVD X Player cannot play the DVD must be a reason for that. Is there is bug with the DVD X Player? The answer is:”No!’ If DVD X Player pop up the below window you will need to check your PC need something.


As we can see that the window notes me that “Cannot play back the audio stream:  No audio device is available or the device is not supported. Please install audio device or update its driver.” So this is not software problem but may be your computer did not install the sound card or sound card you need to upgrade.

Because the motherboard is different of each computer so need to install the sound card is not the same in this we can’t give too much advice. You can search in the Google browser to find the solution.

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