Ion Portable Speaker stimulate creative passion to promote the new speaker

May 25th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,659 views |Comments Off

Some audio players will not only enjoy listening to music, they also like to create their own music. If you like to send a friend a both stylish players, pure sound quality, but also easy to carry sound, it may be difficult to restrain him your gratitude.

Now have a speaker so it can be connected not only MP3, iPod, providing perfect sound quality, you can easily connect electric guitar or bass, allowing the player to create your own music.

In addition, this chassis also provides 8 hours using the battery, allows gamers to carry to any place to go, need to find musical inspiration. This design is also very extensive audio form or fashion. This product is on sale at 225 U.S. dollars, equivalent to RMB 1535 yuan, like the creation of audio players can focus on what.


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