Is 3D Blu-ray movie exclusivity killing the format?

Sep 16th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,353 views |Comments Off

I4U information has posted an fascinating place of view, in that maybe the exclusivity deals for 3D Blu-ray films may be killing the structure preceding to it even receives away the ground.

3D Blu-ray titles like Monster vs Aliens, Avatar have all been unveiled as exclusive, for Samsung and Panasonic respectively. In fact, from the 25 announced 3D Blu-ray titles from main studios, only 6 may be readily available for common profit this year, and of that 6, only Cloudy using an opportunity of Meatballs is currently on sale.

The trouble was in any way instances no issue whether content materials should arrive preceding to hardware, and for 3D Blu-ray, it’s certainly the circumstance of hardware arriving first, bundled with exclusive content, and with common launch content materials coming after on. no issue whether this method is definitely an exceptional offer better compared to opposite of content materials first, hardware later, it’s difficult to say, but what is real may be the simple fact the fact that latest circumstance ought for getting temporary, and presume the avalanche of 3D Blu-ray releases to arrive in the start of 2011, if not sooner.


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