Is DVD Player Industry Going Down?

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Statistics show, DVD players sales reach their lowest point in seven years.

The drop is being blamed on widespread use of set top boxes and an increase in downloading; experts are even warning that the technology could be retired in the next ten years.

The figures show that just 5.7 million players sold were sold in the UK during 2009.

The players have enjoyed popularity since they first appeared in the UK in 1999. Demand for the devices peaked in 2007, with manufacturers selling 7.3 million units in the UK.

Since then the market has declined, although the drop has been slowed a little by the release of the high-definition Blu-Ray format and the low cost of devices, with supermarkets now stocking DVD players for as little as £20.

Lower prices mean the market is less profitable, however. Last year the DVD player market fell by £110 million to £610 million. Mintel predicts a further fall to £475 million by 2014.

Experts have blamed the decline in popularity of DVD players on an increase in movie downloads and on-demand streaming services such as the BBC’s iPlayer, as well as online video rental services such as the one recently announced by YouTube.

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