Is Hollywood Relying on the Government to Save Their Obsolete Business Model

Nov 18th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,215 views |Comments Off

Techdirt has composed an article suggesting that Hollywood’s reliance inside the federal government to give protection to the industry’s “obsolete institution model” may nicely fail, and issues regardless of whether this type of protection is sensible at all.

Referring to an latest operation by which Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, operating out within of the division of Homeland Security, took element in closing affordable sites alleged to possess supplied pirated content. furthermore to the announcement within of the operation was truly developed at Disney HQ, which Techdirt compares this type of conflict of attention to say announcing an antitrust lawsuit versus yahoo and google all through the headquarters of AT&T.

Certainly, acquiring the federal federal government enclosed in what is generally a civil make any difference does appear strange. And that by getting specific actions in safeguarding the leisure industry, governing bodies near to the entire world may nicely truly be carrying out so in the cost of other industries, which consist of the internet industry, when legislation like three-strikes are passed into law. This type of protectionism appears to acquire what Hollywood is relying on so which you can conserve their business.

Techdirt’s article does carry out away with some good news, in that an amazing offer of filmmakers on their own don’t concur using the industry’s views, and really feel that it is time to lastly compete, instead of relying inside the federal government to bail them out.


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