Is the PS3 using a new anti-piracy tool?

Sep 07th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,517 views |Comments Off

A PS3 operator has posted a movement image on the internet which statements to show a producer new type of anti-piracy equipment for the PS3. He statements the brand new system, referred to as Cinavia, is getting instantly downloaded and build for the PS3 pursuing firmware 3.41 (Sony altered their conditions of help earlier within yr to permit automated downloads that “may alter your current operating system, carry out result within of a decrease of information or content materials or carry out result within of a decrease of functionalities or utilities”). But apparently, this new DRM remains to be near to contemplating that firmware 3.10, however the brand new movement image has brought this new method back again in to the spotlight.

Cinavia features by comparing the audio tracks of movement image copies for the original, and if it matches, it will both prevent playback, or mute the audio tracks concerning the PS3. The audio tracks watermarking can show no subject whether the movement image (or rather, the soundtrack) was intended for use in professional cinema apparel (therefore aiming to prevent cinema dependent camcording piracy), or for home movement image use (but with limitations on copying). The inaudible audio tracks watermark is carried over even once the audio tracks observe remains to be copied, recorded or altered. regardless of the simple fact the fact that target with this DRM can be to end people nowadays actively playing downloaded and pirated films on their PS3, it may possibly also end end users from actively playing legally backed up movies, or films they’ve extracted through the disc as element of the electronic advertising library.

So far, the method doesn’t show up to effect all downloaded or copied videos, as there hasn’t been many reviews about Cinavia stopping people nowadays actively playing their “legally” ripped movies.


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