Japan new “Copyright Law” prohibits illegal downloading ringtones

May 25th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,810 views |Comments Off

The newly revised Japanese “Copyright Law” prohibited without the copyright holder permission to download illegally posted on the Internet and video ringtones.

Japan’s current laws will be published only as a control object side, in order to protect the regular download business, the new law will download the users included in the scope of the object, but this does not set penalties. In addition to the new law banning the sale of pirated optical discs in addition to the on-line sales of pirated and published such ads.

In addition, the new law is also written into the use of measures to facilitate the copyrighted material. For example, to facilitate the old television program, etc. through the network secondary use of alternative copyright unknown, Cultural Affairs has expanded the scope can be determined. In addition, to eliminate people with disabilities and able-bodied persons in obtaining information gap, the new law allows certain non-profit activities of legal persons (NPO corporations) do not need permission to film such as adding subtitles or sign language video.


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