The History of DivX and the Latest Software Players That Can Play DivX

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DivX is known to create a balance between file size and quality with its very effective compression capabilities. Due to these capabilities, it becomes one of the codecs used for extracting audio and video from a source to the hard disk of the PC for archiving and transcoding copies. And many software developers released their own styles of DivX players.

The commercial DivX in competition with Microsoft video for Windows in WMV, QuickTime from Apple in the MOV and Real Video in the RMM file formats. A version of open source Xvid is released by Xvid in 2001.

The History of DivX

The history of DivX should be traced back to 1998. It was a hacked version of Microsoft’s MPEG-4 version 3. Two French hackers reverse-engineered the MPEG-4 format and came up with an MPEG format encapsulated in AVI instead of ASF it originally had. After that, DVD hacking community enhanced the format, and had the DivX version 3.0. From 2002, the DivX, Inc continued to enhance the DivX software and DivX 6.6 was released in 2007.

Latest DivX player

DivX became widely popular for ripping copy-protected DVD materials for bootleg replication and distribution. Numbers of DVD players are claiming to play DivX materials. The most attractive of the format is that it is free and easy to use. It is versatile and can be used with both Windows and Mac computers. You can play it with many software players.

DivX Plus is the latest DivX player and it is free for Windows, while a Mac version called DivX 7. Besides, there are many other DivX players, such as Windows Media Player 11, Media Player Classic, VLC Player, Songbird, DVD X Player, etc.

Among these latest DivX players, DVD X Player 5.5 is a multifunctional media player software which can play types of media contents like VCD, SVCD, DVD, audio, videos. It also has the ability to record DVD and convert movies to iPod, iPhone, etc. There are frequently free minor updates and free technical documents available on its offical website:

Free Download The Latest DivX Player

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