Macrovision Killer Helps You Record DVD Movies to Protects Original DVDs

Mar 08th, 2012 by Boren 5,071 views |Comments Off

Every movie fan will know that the quality of movie on DVD is much better than on VHS. Generally speaking, there are special features and additional footage on our favorite DVD movies that can’t be obtained on VHS tape. The only shortage of DVD is that DVD is easy to damage. A tiny scratch may lead abnormal playback.

If you have kids, the problem would be more serious. They don’t know how to use DVD player and how to protect DVD discs. They just treat them as their toys, putting them down everywhere, casually touch or scratch the discs and would make your precious DVD movies beyond repair. That the reason why backup comes into the world. To avoid lost, damage, dust, dirt, just make DVD backup to protect your expensive DVD collection.

However, there is a problem. DVD movies contain something called Macrovision protection. When you backup your DVD movies, you need to know Macrovision killer. Macrovision killer is a tool to bypass the Macrovision protection on the DVD disc, so that you can easily record your DVD movie to hard disk.

DVD encoded with Macrovision will cause a VCR set to record it to fail. A DVD recorder will simply display a message saying the source is copy-protected, and will pause the recording. So a Macrovision killer is absolutely important for you to record your DVD movies, with it, you can protect your original DVD discs and keep it safe.

Some DVD player software can turn off Macrovision output. A region free DVD player with recording feature like DVD X Player can easily record Macrovision protected DVD movies. Movie fans and movie collectors could try this software to save your DVD movies from damage.


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