How to Make Your DVD Player Region Free?

Feb 20th, 2012 by Boren 3,822 views |Comments Off

DVD players are implemented with region code. A traditional DVD player will not play discs from another region after the code setting has been changed for five times. When searching for your DVD player region free solution on the Internet, the best way is not to spend your hard-earned money. And here, I will briefly look over the solutions available to help you make your DVD player region free.

Region free solution 1: remote control / key sequence

Many low and mid-end DVD players have secret menus or “back doors”. These methods can let you change things as:
- The current region setting on your particular model (In most cases this is where the Region Free setting can be set)
- Switch between PAL and NTSC
- Modify the Macrovision setting
- Enable VCD and sometimes MP3 playback

Accessing to these secret menus normally requires the user to enter a sequence via the remote control, codes for particular players can be found all over the Internet on both free or a “paid” basis. A paid or required donation source usually contains the same information as the free sites.

Region free solution 2: upgrade or download the DVD player firmware

You need to download the update from the Internet and change the software installed on your player. Once the downloading is finished, the update can be burned onto a disc, then place in the player. Usually, this method works great.

Region free solution 3: chipped remotes

There are many websites offering chipped remote control units supposed to be re-programmed which can unlock particular player by touching a button. It seems a great solution but the cost of such a unit would not be lower than a brand new region free DVD player

Region free solution 4: get a region free DVD player

If you just have on luck to find a free unlock code for your player, the software update doesn’t work, just get a region free DVD player, then you will get all problem solved.


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