Make your DVD player into a zone free DVD player in a wink

Dec 26th, 2011 by Boren 3,006 views |Comments Off

Some people would like to play DVD in different regions and different video standards. However, most DVD players can’t play DVD from different region or different video standard. Suppose you are in US, US is a NTSC region area, so as Canada, both of them are in region 1. If you import DVD from Europe, it’ll likely be PAL which would likely be incompatible with your US player. I think most of know that DVDs and DVD players are coded in a region. This has been described in our blog before: DVD Region Codes – All That You Need to Know.

In most cases, region codes can be removed from your DVD player by a simple remote control code that unlocks you DVD player. If a DVD player is unlocked, it will become a zone free DVD player.

Nowadays, a lot a resources can be found from Internet. File sharing and release dates from different countries get closer and closer. It seems there is no need to code a DVD player. And many DVD players are region / zone free now. If yours are not, maybe, you need to unlock your DVD player.

For unlocking a DVD player, you need a DVD hack, you can search one according to the name and model of your DVD player on VideoHelp. Take your remote control and program your DVD player. The method is quite simple. Take Samsung DVD-HD860 for example.

Power on your DVD player, open the tray, push the information on remote once, press 9 for multi-region until you see the number 9 appears on the upper left corner, power off, power on. Then you can play DVD from any zone. Finally remind you: any action take may invalidate the warranty, so try it at your own risk.


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