Make a Professional Movie for iPad/iPad 2 on Your Own

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iPad and iPad 2 are great devices to watch videos. The iPad users watch 3 times as much video as regular web users. It is more convenient to watch videos, movies on a tablet rather than on a notebook or computer. You can take videos along with you and enjoy it at anytime anywhere.

If you have videos shot with another device, like a camera, you probably want to get it playing on the iPad/iPad 2 or working with iMovie. Do you want your video to be as professional as studio produced films? Then, you can make movie for iPad/iPad 2 on your own by using video editing tool. To achieve this goal, you need to edit these recorded video clips and convert the footages into the right format, then introduce it gently to iPad/iPad 2.

Guide on How to Make Movie for iPad/iPad 2

The trick is to edit the video files and turn the files into a specifically crafted MP4 with the H.264 codec. First, download iPad Video Converter and install it on Windows computer.

Step 1. Import Videos

Run iPad Video Converter. Import all the video clips by clicking “Add File(s)”, and then they will appear on the source panel.

Step 2. Edit Videos


From the above entry, you can edit videos and make a unique movie.

Clip: Clip video segments as you want from one video file. Just set the start point and end point.

Crop: Crop the video frame to make it suitable for the iPad display by dragging the red points. The black bars will be removed.

Watermark: Add your favorite text in the watermark box and drag the text to change the position. This feature will help you state your copyright.

Subtitle: Enable the plug-in subtitle by adding the *.srt file to make your video more professional.

Merge: At last, join all the clips into one video file. You can also include title and credits to make it a studio produced film.

Step 3. Convert to iPad/iPad 2

Till now, you get one unique movie, and then choose the iPad or iPad 2 from the Profile drop-down list. Click “Start” button on the lower right corner to start converting your self-regulating movie to iPad/iPad 2.


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