‘Maquina,’ ‘Snowflake’ win super-subs

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BARCELONA — In earlier Xmas gifts, “Painless,” “Second Origin,” “La maquina del mon” and “Snowflake” have all pulled right down super-subsidies, worth about $2 million a movie, inside the Catalan federal government and pubcaster TVC.

The grants location the 4 films since the possible crown jewels of Catalan 2011 pic production.

The money awards are split 50/50 among the regional place out system TVC and Catalonia’s ICIC Institute of social Industries. The incentives are Spain’s most effective market-driven money support aimed at marketing nearby culture. All attributes are steering to be shot in Catalan.

Produced by Cromosoma, and helmed by auteur Cesc Gay (”Fiction”), toon function “Maquina” is inspired by Catalan tv set sequence “The Triplets,” a around the earth income hit. Also targeting family-tyke demos, reside action, 2D/3D combine “Snowflake” chronicles the adventures of Floquet, Barcelona Zoo’s much-loved albino gorilla. Filmax produces; Andres Schaer helms.

Directed by vet auteur Bigas Luna (”Jamon, Jamon,” “My name Is Juani”), “Origin” is frequently a 3-D article apocalyptic love-story parable.

Catalan genre muscle is witnessed in “Painless,” a psychological thriller from debutant Juan Carlos Medina, made by Roxbury Films.

The 4 pix nabbing the super-subsidies are steering to be among the the highest-bracketed attributes made subsequent yr in Catalonia. “Snowflake” spending budget is arranged at $9 million, “Origin” at $13 million.

A 2nd subsidy collection for pics not necessarily shot in Catalan will grant near to $1.3 million to 6 features, which consists of Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver starrer “Red Lights,” from Versus Ent., “Los Pelayos,” an Alea Docs & Films production, and “Cronica de otro confin,” made by Luis de la Madrid.

The Santa coin reps Catalonia’s 2nd super-subsidy award round.

The 1st took in Pau Freixas’ “Heros,” Agusti Villaronga’s “Black Bread,” Daniel Benmayor’s “Bruc” and Kike Maillo’s “Eva.”

Art pic “Bread” has shipped satisfactory B.O. and, like “Heros,” has been given upbeat reactions from crix and at nearby fests. Sci-fi tale “Eva” opens in 2011; on Wednesday, UPI released actioner “Bruc” over a generous 300 print-spread.

Catalonia’s Nov. 28 elections have been won by Convergencia I Unio, a nationalist center-right party. based on sources, cinema will type element using the brand new government’s business department, instead than, as currently, its tradition org.


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