Marks and functions of DVD disc

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1, DVD Video mark: standard DVD-Video laser disc.

2, DOLBY DIGITAL Dolby sign on behalf of this CD sound signals have been used within the AC-3 encoding process, you can enjoy the number of digital sound effects if your computer have AC-3 decoding equipment. Of course, in addition to this symbols, other mark such as DTS, MPEG2 will also appear.

3, NTSC OR PAL: Video system identification. In most cases, the video system and the area code restrictions usually are marked with, but in some cases marked separately from the general identity of two video systems, NTSC is the video output system adopted by the United States, Chinese mainland and Europe use the PAL system. In addition, marked beside the corresponding area code restrictions, All region means not encrypted, figures shows the available region.

4, Subtitle: Multi-subtitle playback

5, Multi-angle play: this icon can be taken that the CDs to choose from, as this icon shows, you can see from the above figures that the number of camera angles, more angle means more  ways flexibility to enjoy the movie.

6, Aspect ratio video formats: Shown here is a 4:3 video picture display. This shows the screen image has been outside the grounds for the 4:3 screen, fit in the traditional TV output if the CD packaging video screen ratio of 16:9, and you show on television in 4:3 when the domain must be Letterbox Pan & Scan mode watch, watch how much quality will be affected.

7, R RESTRICTED: film classification marking. This figure represents the CD-ROM content restricted. Original DVD-Video movies are mostly used by the U.S. film classification system. The movie divided into G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 a total of five.

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