Maximizing DVD playback on PC using DVD / video playing software

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If you frequently watch DVD movies on DVD player, you’ve missed a lot of playing movies on PC. DVD X Player has fully understood the advantages of playing video / DVD on a computer than on electronic equipment like portable DVD player. For its powerful functions, DVD X Player will maximize DVD playback on PC.

DVD X Player either rips the video and save it as MPEG-2, AVI, ASF, 3GP, MP4 or just play them straight from DVD optical drive. Computers are the natural home of digital sources, and electronic players are just derivatives of certain part of PC like memory, decoding chips, video and sound cards. DVD players are artlessly specialized computers focused on one action alone – video playback.


If you have a large LCD with a resolution of 720p to 1080p, you can upsample the 480i content on the DVD straight away when playing the DVD on your computer’s hard drive. Desktop and computer are the first and original upsampling players that can upscale a 480i video to a LCD’s resolution which is always greater than 640 * 480 found in DVD movies.

All computer monitor has a high resolution up to 1024 * 780 and DVD source can be upsampled in computer’s video upscaler. This can’t be achieved in a portable DVD player with the possible exception of standalone upscaler.

Great features

With excellent video / DVD player software, home theater PC users have enjoyed progressive scan pictures from interlaced DVDs.  The most attractive advantage of computer based DVD player is its ability to enhance the video to make it outstanding in any condition.

You can pause a DVD while paying and bookmark the specific chapter and jump to it later with a DVD player program like DVD X Player, you needn’t to go through the menu as you see at start up. You can even bypass the annoying commercial ads that can’t be turned off on traditional DVD players. Another great feature is that you can capture favorite pictures while DVD / video playing.

For audio, the built-in sound processor in computer has the basic stereo and multichannel options to compensate 5.1 or Dolby or DTS tracks using the software’s decoding. In a word, DVD player software helps you fully enjoy DVD movies on PC which can’t be performed in electronic players.


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