How to Make MP4 Files Playable for Windows Users?

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MP4 format is a standard media format to store digital video, has a file extension in .mp4. It is used to stream audio and has the ability to input subtitle and images. It is small in size and allows streaming via Internet.

MPEG-4 is an ISO certified specification that involves several multi-media presentation aspects like authority, compression and delivery. Many users may think video compression is the same as container, actually they are totally different. Only a part of the specification of MPEG-4 can be compliant with the complete standard.

MPEG-4 files contain many AAC and video-encoded contents. They usually use the .mp4 file extension. Unluckily, Windows Media Player can’t support the audio and video playback of the .mp4 file.

Make MP4 Files Playable on Windows

Windows OS is widely used by people from all over the world. So, there are many programs based on Windows available on the market. Usually, a new manufactured Windows computer comes with the Windows Media Player, thus make Windows Media Player so popular, of course it really does a good job.

Install a Decoder Pack for Windows Media Player

A lightweight tool pack will do it successfully since Windows Media Player doesn’t play MP4 files by default. Those codecs like MPEG-4, ISO MPEG-4 have been produced by Microsoft. After you install such a decoder, the so-called MP4 player for Windows can be used now.

Download a MP4 Player for Windows

If you are not quite sure if the player can correctly play the file, you can just download a MP4 player for Windows. That kind of media player can successfully play MP4 file as long as it has a built-in MP4 decoder which can decode the file effortlessly.

Free Download MP4 Player for Windows

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