Tips to tell whether your DVD player is a multi-region DVD player or not

Dec 29th, 2011 by Boren 7,091 views |Comments Off

Suppose you have got a new DVD player as a gift from a friend. You want to buy a DVD which is in the region beyond yours, but you do not know whether the new DVD player is a multi-region DVD player or not. Can it play a disc from different regions? Or you have got a DVD player software on PC and also do not know if it is able to play multi-region discs. How to know it before you spending money on a different region disc? Then the following paragraphs will tell you how to find it out.

The first thing you can do is to check the information on the user’s guide or on the package box. If it is a multi-region DVD player, they usually state it on a prominent position.

If there is no description about it, you can search the brand and model in Google to find out information related to region code. If you are lucky enough, you will get illustrations to open up the coding. Usually, just press several keys on the remote control will solve it.

For a DVD player program installed on your PC, normally, it will be able to play discs from different regions. Though it might not play multi-region disc by default as being set by the manufacture in the region that is sold, you can configure it for the region of disc that you want to play.

The manufacture usually provides a step by step instruction for you to finish the operation. Try the help document or online support for this.

There is a DVD player software that can unlock all DVD region code – DVD X player. You can play all regions’ discs on PC DVD drive even if you have changed the region code 5 times. So if you own this multi-region DVD player, you do not need to worry about region code any more.

Hope all these tips will help you a lot. Good luck!


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