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Here is some acronym words we often see:

NTSC – National Television Systems Committee. A group that established black-and-white television standards in the United States in 1941 and later added color in 1953. NTSC is used to refer to the systems and signals compatible with this specific color-modulation technique. Consists of quadrature-modulated color-difference signals added to the luma with a color subcarrier reference of 455/2 times the horizontal line rate, typically 3.579545MHz with an H rate of 15.75kHz. Commonly used in 525-line, 59.94Hz scanning systems.

IRE – An arbitrary unit of measurement equal to 1/100 of the excursion from blanking to reference white level. In NTSC systems, 100 IRE equals 714mV and 1-volt p-p equals 140 IRE.

RGB – Stands for red, green, and blue. It is a component interface typically used in computer graphics systems.


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