Can DV File Be Played on PC?

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DV file refers to digital video file, which is video clip from digital video camera. When out for journey or for job, people usually take along a DV to record some splendid moments. A DV is easy to take with and easy to use. Video is the simply media to keep the precious memory. When we want to revive the journey on a computer, transfer DV file to PC and play on PC is the problem we have to face. Can DV file be played on PC?

DV video may have a different format from the popular multimedia format, DV video may be recorded in a special video encoder, and the media player in computer may not be able to play such a video. DV video is simply not compressed enough to be a practical format for storage other than archiving, and is not commonly used by most people. A whether or not they like to admit it, all these players are basically designed to play formats that are easily downloaded. What can we do? Is there a media player that can play DV file? The answer is absolutely yes.

DVD X Player can not only play DVD, VCD / SVCD, play popular video files but also can play video device including PC camera, digital camera, DV, video card and so on.

Guide on how to play DV file on PC

Step 1. Download DVD X Player, install and run it on Windows OS computer.
Step 2. Connect your DV with your computer via an USB cable.
Step 3. Click “Open” button in the DVD player Control Panel, select the device in the message box to play the Video Capture Device directly.


Note: If you haven’t installed Video Capture Device or the relevant driver, the device item could not be seen in the “Open” menu.


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