How to Play Real Media File?

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If you have obtained an .rm file, then you have a Real Media file. These files are intended to be used for streaming content over the Internet. However, while Real Media is still in wide use, newer streaming options beat it hands down for quality. How to play Real Media file?

Does Windows Media support Real Media file?

Due to the competition between Real Networks and Microsoft, neither Windows Media Player supports Real Media audio and video files nor does Real Networks release any patch for WMP. But Real Networks release patch for other media players.

Use RealMedia Splitter and Windows Media Player

You should have Windows Media Player and Real Player:
1. First go to website and download RealMedia Splitter from guliverkli Project.
2. Extract zipped file and copy it to your system directory:
Win9x: c:\windows\system
WinXP: c:\windows\system32
3. Click Start > Run > and type “regsvr32” and then click Ok.
4. Run your Windows Media Player, select “any file (*.*)” from file type field and open a *.rm file, Windows Media Player will display an error message that the selected file has an extension that is not recognized by Windows Media Player. Select check box and press ok.
5. To add *.rm extension to your WMP file type field:
Run Registry Editor and find following key:
Double click on “1” and add *.rm to value data field.

Then you can enjoy Real Media files with Windows Media Player.

Use DVD X Player

This method may be feasible for us tech savvy but too complicated for common users, there is a simple way to play Real Media file with a DVD / video playing softwareDVD X Player. It is a region free DVD player and also supports VCD / SVCD and other video such as XviD, MPEG-, Real Media, QuickTime, WMV, WMV-HD, and MacroMedia Flash.

1. Download and install the program in a Window operation system computer. A file associate option window will pop out when you install the program. Tick “.rm” and any other format you want to play, and then click “OK” to finish the installation.
dvd player

2. Click “Open” button on DVD Player Control Panel, select “Play Media Files”;or right click video window, select “Play from” ->” “Play Media Files”, then select one or more media files, you will begin to play media files.
choose file

3. If playback multiple files, you can click “Previous” or “Next” button to skip playback.
4. When playing a file, you can drag the progress bar to control the playback status.


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