How to Play VCD and SVCD with DVD X Player?

Jun 11th, 2012 by Boren 5,651 views |Comments Off

A VCD can store about 70 minutes video, while SVCD can hold much higher video quality, especially much more sharp picture than VCD because of the higher resolution, but only can store 45-60 minutes video and far from all DVD players can play SVCD.

Besides playing DVD, DVD X Player also has the ability to play VCD and SVCD. This basic article will explain how to play VCD and SVCD with DVD X Player.

Play VCD and SVCD Guide

Step 1. Startup DVD X Player

Make sure you have installed the program on your computer. If not, just download it and install it by following the wizard. DVD X Player has a blue & black interface which looks very decent.

Step 2. Insert the VCD or SVCD into the drive

Step 3. Start to play

The movie menu will show on the interface, you can choose the one you want to see by mouse clicks.

Step 4. Control Playback

VCD and SVCD have to navigation functions. You can use the main panel and subpanel to browse the contents and control the playback. If the disc support, you can even choose to play “Previous” or “Next” chapter by clicking the two neighbor buttons of “Play”.

main & sub panel


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