How to play videos and DVDs on Windows Vista computer?

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Windows provides you many different methods to play videos and DVDs on your computer. In many different cases, you don’t need to set up any extra software.

To get started, try anything concerning the following:
If you actually possess a video file in your desktop or in a folder in your hard disk, just double-click the file.
If you’re browsing over a webpage that contains a video link, click the link to get started.
If you actually possess a film on DVD, insert the disc into your DVD-ROM drive.

Windows possibly instantly opens the program (such as Windows Media Player) in your individual computer that will read your resources or asks which program you want to choose for playing the item.

Windows Media Player


Windows Media Player may possibly be considered a characteristic of Windows Vista. WMP empowers you to organize and play video files that are saved in your personal computer and play films from loads of favored websites. And you can even play your DVD movies with Windows Media Player on the condition that your personal computer meets particular lowest requirements. What are the basic requirements for playing DVDs on WMP? A DVD drive and a compatible DVD decoder are necessary. Otherwise, an error message will be shown up saying that you need to get a DVD decoder installed.

Windows Media Center


For Windows Vista user, you can also use Windows Media Center to play videos and DVDs, WMC even enables you to watch and record live TV shows. And also a DVD drive and a DVD decoder are needed for DVD playback.

Other software


If you have a certain video format that both WMP and WMC can’t play it, you may need to consider about getting another video and DVD playback software. You can check the documents in your computer to see whether there is a trial version program there. Sometimes, the computer manufacturer may preinstall some programs for you to experience before purchasing.  If there is no such a program, you can browse online to get a multifunctional player like DVD X Player that meets all you requirements.


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