PS3 hacked to play pirated games?

Aug 30th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,665 views |Comments Off

Sony’s PS3 goes on to be so much immune to getting hacked to permit copied film games to work, but a brand recognize new unit promises to hold out just this, without the need of the should solder, install, flash anything.

The new device, merely an USB generate that’s now for selling for $170, promises to “jailbreak” the PS3 and permit film games to acquire dumped to some FAT32 HDD, after which executed back again later. 150 PS3 film games have presently been attempted to hold out using the system.

However, Sony is apparently presently mindful from the trouble and upcoming firmware updates are anticipated to prevent the device. Sony recently introduced smaller, automated updates, which may possibly or may possibly not be associated to operate to combat the PS Jailbreak device.


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