PSDowngrade Now Allows PS3 Firmware To Be Downgraded

Nov 18th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,321 views |Comments Off

The individuals at the rear of the PSJailbreak equipment features a brand name new trick up their sleeves – the ability to downgrade your PS3 firmware to an more mature version.

Now, normally, this isn’t that which you need to do, as new firmware adds new features and continually improves the PS3, the two getting a movement photo game console and getting a mass media hub.

However, new firmware, especially firmware appropriate after edition 3.41, will not possess the ability to take advantage of the PSJailbreak device, thinking about that Sony quickly introduced edition 3.42, after which 3.50, to prevent the equipment from working. The PSJailbreak equipment permits unauthorized code to acquire work for the PS3, and among the the utilizes with this could be to operate copies of genuine games.

But now using the PSDowngrade software, people can go back again to firmware 3.41 and get PSJailbreak working again. The PSDowngrade app could possibly be an update for current PSJailbreak devices, so people which have at current obtained the device, after which accidentally upgraded the firmware, could possibly be granted a 2nd chance.


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