How to Record the Song of a DVD Movie?

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Sometimes, we would specially like a song of a movie. When I saw a movie named Love In Disguise, I just moved by the theme song and the interlude. And I cannot find it elsewhere. What can I do? Is it possible for me to record the songs? The answer is yes. DVD X Player has the ability to record audio and save as MP3 file. Then you can enjoy it on cell phone or MP3 players.

Record Audio Guide

Step 1. Install and Launch the Player

Download it from the official website, install in on a Windows computer and launch it. The installation is very easy, just a few clicks needed.

Step 2. Load the DVD

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive.

Step 3. Set the Recording Type

The player will automatically play the DVD. Right click the video window; select Options…, a window will come out. Click “Record” item, define the Record Type as “ Audio Only”. You can reset the destination where you want to save the recorded files.


Step 4. Start Recording

Click the red  button on the main panel to start. During the recording process, the file size will keep dynamic changes. Click the same button to stop recoding.

record dvd as mp3


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