Record DVD as MP3 audio files to fit your digital audio player or mobile phone

Nov 29th, 2011 by Boren 3,509 views |1 Comments

Suppose you are planning a party and you need enough music to transfer atmosphere at the whole night. You have a mobile phone or a digital audio player that could connect with your stereo speakers. Or suppose you are a hip-hop fun who always dances in outdoor. You would like to get to prepare some MP3 format music from your audio DVD collection. What can you do?

You only need a tool which can record DVD as MP3 audio files. There is a multifunctional DVD player that can play, record DVDDVD X Player.

Guides to record DVD as MP3 audio files:
1. Import audio DVD to DVD X Player.
2. Right click to select “Options” =>Record Setting to set record type as MP3 file first, specify the path to save the record file. (Note: DVD X Player Professional allows you to record DVD audio without time limitation; but, DVD X Player Standard only allows you to record DVD audio for 15 minutes.)
3. Start to record.
4. During recording, the file size will keep dynamically changed.
5. Stop recording.

Then the record file will be auto saved by record time in the specified folder you have set in Record Option page.

DVD X Player has many other functions. It can plays all regions’ DVD by automatically remove region code protection, captures still image during movie playing, bookmarks video to let you jump right to the saved scenes, stretches the movie to 16:9 aspect ratio to fit on widescreen TV, plays video devices directly including PC Camera, Digital Camera (DC), Digital Vidicon (DV),Video Card and so on.


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