How to Record DVD Movie onto Hard Drive?

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People use DVD instead of CD due to some extra benefits. DVD holds clearer pictures and better quality sound, and stores the entire movie in one single disc, so we don’t need to carry many CDs. Can we record DVD and save onto the hard drive, so that we can repeatedly play some splendid moments without wearing the disc or DVD drive?

With a built-in DVD recorder, it is possible for use to record DVD as MPEG-2 video with DVD X Player. Let’s have a look at how to record DVD movie.

Record DVD Movie Guide

Step 1. Startup DVD X Player

Startup DVD X Player. If you haven’t installed it, click here to get the latest version and follow the prompts to install it.

Step 2.Load the DVD

Insert the DVD into DVD drive, the player will auto start to play the disc if you have set it as the default player.

Step 3. Record DVD

Click the red record button button on the main panel to start. A small window with warning will appear. To protect DVD copyright, DVD X Player only allows you to record DVD video within a time limitation: 45 minutes for DVD X Player Professional, 15 minutes for DVD X Player Standard. Please read it carefully and abide by the agreement.


To stop recording, just click the button again. Then video files you recorded have been saved on C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Aviosoft\DVD X Player.

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