Record DVD as MPEG-2 without Quality Loss

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Both entertainment and ads will use DVD. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 DVD owners want to backup DVD disc. This is a considerable proportion. Most of the DVD owners would like their DVD videos to be terse but without losing the original quality.

Record DVD as MPEG-2

Recording DVD as MPEG-2 is a nice way to backup your DVD disc. For MPEG-2 files is the main part of DVD video files without changing audio and video effect. So, after recording DVD as MPEG-2, the video content will be terse and the video quality is as fine as the original DVD.

The Widely Use of MPEG-2

Family theater:

Combining with media center which can be regarded as hearing & visual application. MPEG-2 is used for family theater or home cinema.
Backup to USB drive: DVD can be copied into a video files so that you can backup to USB drive as a precaution the loss of original DVD.

Play on TV or PS3

MPEG-2 is supported by TV and PS3; you can play MPEG-2 on TV and PS3. That your whole family can enjoy the happy time together.

Play It on Players or Edit It on Editor

MPEG-2 has a high compatibility; it can be played on most of player. You can also edit it with a video editor.

Burned to DVD

MPEG2 file can be burned directly into DVD so that it can be shared.

Since there are so many benefits of recording DVD to MPEG-2, DVD X Player can easily realize all the functions. The DVD X Player can play all regions‘ DVD, record DVD as various popular movie files to expand your multimedia entertainment on most popular portable devices, recorded video files, support DTS and Dolby systems.

Tips: Just download DVD X Player for trial at dvd-x-player and launch it. Load DVD and click record as MPEG-2. Choose the output folder and then start to record.


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