Record DVD as popular media files with a DVD player/recorder

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To watch DVD, usually you need to get a DVD player. But sometimes you want to enjoy it more convenient and easily, for you can’t always be available to sit in front of a TV. Popular media files such as ASF, AVI, MP4, and MP3 can be enjoyed on media players or portable devices. Watching popular media files has no limitation of time or equipment, that’s why they are popular. So can we record those DVD as popular media files to extend the enjoyment on other devices? Is there a DVD player / recorder that can achieve this? The answer is absolutely yes.

A DVD recorder usually refers to a device or software used to encode (record) a video file from a computer’s hard drive to a recordable DVD disc. But here, the DVD recorder we are talking about is the software that can record DVD to other formats. There is a professional DVD software which integrates the functions of video player, video converter, region free DVD player and DVD recorderDVD X Player. Through this player you can play all regions’ DVD on all DVD drives even if you have changed the region code 5 times.

With DVD X Player, you can record DVD movie as MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file. You can also convert recorded DVD movies to popular media files such as ASF, AVI, and MP4. Since I have written the guides about record DVD as MPEG2 and record DVD as MP3, here I will only describe the steps of recording DVD as ASF, AVI and MP4 video files.

Guides to record DVD as popular media files with a DVD recorder:

First, you need to record DVD to video files. The operation is very easy, just directly click Record button on Main Control Panel, or click in Floating Panel to start recording the playing DVD.

Second, right click the file on the record panel, choose convert file to ASF or MP4, or AVI file.

Third, click “Convert”, you will begin to convert the recorded files.

See, quite easy, right? Since you have recorded DVD movies as popular media files with the DVD recorder, then you can enjoy these recorded files on media players or mobile phones or portable players.


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