Region Free / Code Free DVD Player

Feb 22nd, 2012 by Boren 4,100 views |Comments Off

DVD has a digital flag that conveys hard-coded DVD player where is the DVD from. When a DVD disc is loaded, the software in the DVD player will compare the region code on the disc with the one set in the DVD player. If the region code does not match each other, the DVD disc can’t be read and played. A region 1 DVD can’t be played in a region 2 DVD player so as vice versa. This is the way to make it possible that studios release the same movie in different countries at different time. They can fix different prices between for movie tickets and DVDs, thus adding potential revenue to the studios.

As for DVD region division, please refer to DVD region lock where it describes clearly how the world has been divided. Though there is region code system, this code system can be surpassed through modifications and players can be manufactured with modification to play DVD from all over the world. Such specialized player is known as region free / code free DVD player. Different from traditional DVD player which can only plays DVDs from its own region, region free DVD player runs all part of the world, ignore region restrictions imposed by studios.

Region coding affect the enjoyment of DVD that legally purchasing in a different area, especially in the situation of people who emigrate and find out that his whole collection of legally owned DVD can’t be played in the new place. In this case, a code free DVD player is his only choice. Can I regard it as consumer right infringement?

Luckily enough, there are code free portable DVD players and all region DVD player software which will absolutely make our DVD enjoyment fabulous.


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