Free Tips to Defeat DVD Region Code

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Just imagine you buy a DVD from another country while on tourism, or order it online. But when you put the disc in your DVD player, there is just a message telling you “wrong region”. You would feel very upset, right?

There is really a region code to prevent you from playing DVDs acquired from other countries. Say, if you live in US or Canada, you friend just returned from Europe with the latest movie. Or you live in London, got a disc from US. You put it into the DVD player, got the chill message. That would be the most expensive Frisbee you’ve got.

A few companies issued region-free discs that will play anywhere in the world. But studios don’t because they want to control the date when DVDs will be released in different regions to stop people picking up bargains.  But it is legal to buy whatever discs you want from anywhere under the sun.

However, there is a thing we can do that is to defeat region codes. How? Use a region code free DVD player.

Hardware Region Code Free DVD Player

region code free dvd playerYou will find there are a lot of region code free DVD players on sale in electronic shops or online stores, and some of them are astoundingly cheap and do a great job. They are able to play PAL from Europe and NTSC discs from North America.

If you are willing to purchase an upconverting player for superior picture effects, you have to pay more for a higher level one. LG, Toshiba, Philips are offering different class region code free DVD players for different demands.

Software Region Code Free DVD Player

region code free dvd player softwareThere is also region free DVD player software to play any disc on a computer. Just download a setup file and install it in your computer, you will watch any DVD movie as you like. You may think Region Code is not a big problem, but if you travel a lot, you will see many must-have DVDs at quite low prices, then you will realize what Region Code means to you.

Download Region Code Free DVD Player

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