What is a Region free Blu-ray DVD player and how to play all region DVDs

Dec 14th, 2011 by Boren 6,237 views |Comments Off

A region free Blu-ray DVD player can play both Blu-ray and standard DVD discs from any region or zone in the world. A region free Blu-ray DVD player is offer referred to a code free, zone free Blu-ray DVD player, or multi-region Blu-ray DVD player. So if you get a region free Blu-ray DVD player, you can play DVD movies from anywhere in the world.

What discs will a region free Blu-ray DVD player play?

A region free Blu-ray DVD player can play standard DVD discs include Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8.  And also play Blu-ray discs include Zone or Region A, Region B, and Region C.

In fact, to play standard DVD discs, you needn’t to buy a region free Blu-ray DVD player. If you have already had a region-locked DVD player, (a) you can download a multi-region DVD player software such as DVD X player. With this DVD player software you can play all regions’ DVD, its built-in DVD decrypter remove all DVD encryptions and copy protections automatically before its playback. (b) Or you can also get a DVD ripping software such as DVD Ghost. It is specially designed to unlock all DVD regions by removing all kinds of restrictions (CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, and UOPs etc.) from the DVD discs in the background. DVD Ghost will make your DVD player region-free.


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