Free Tip to Make a Blue-ray PS3 Player Region Free

May 12th, 2012 by Boren 32,149 views |Comments Off

Users can play high-definition games and videos on Sony PS3 because it has a Blu-ray player.  Many people would like to play Blu-ray movies on PS3 because the video quality on PS3 is great.

A region-locked Blu-ray DVD can be only played in the place where it is produced and on equipment manufactured in the same area. If someone lives in US, have had relatives bringing DVDs as gifts from UK, it would be impossible for him to play the disc because the US and UK is in different region. To unlock PS3’s region capability, Sony released a firmware soon after they released the PS3 console. With the firmware, you will get a region free PS3.

Install The Free Update to Unlock PS3 and Play All Blu-rays

1. Turn on your PS3 console and choose “System Update” from the main menu. Choose “Update Via Internet.”

2. PS3 will begin to search available updates. Just wait for it. After it finds the update, press “X” button to start installation. And press the button again to verify and agree to the software agreement terms.

3. After the installation process finishes, press “X” button to restart the PS3 console. Your PS3 player is region free now.


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