What Is Region Free?

Apr 13th, 2012 by Boren 3,293 views |Comments Off

The term “region free” can be referred either to a DVD can be played anywhere on any DVD player, or a DVD player can play any DVD from anywhere on the earth. It also used to describe games consoles. DVD players come with region encoding to define in what region it can be used or to play what kind of disc, although many customers figure out how to bypass it.

A disc can be marked to a certain region code, then it can be played in a DVD player which can handle that region; and it also can be marked as region zero, all region, or region free, meaning that it will played in all players. Similarly, a DVD player can be specified to play discs from one region, allowed a limited number of region changes, say five; or set to play any disc from the world. That is region free DVD player. A region free DVD player will be less frustrating for people with mixed DVD collections.

The theory of region coding is to protect copyright but it also prevents us to freely enjoy our recreational life.  In order to have more access to movies or games they are interested in, customers prefer to buy region free products. Nowadays, many manufacturers are offering region free products to cater to their customers.  Or provide simple bypass techniques to the old products which are not region free.


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