Simple method to distinguish between D5 and D9

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As some unscrupulous dealers in the market are selling D5 in the name of D9 for big profit, newbies are easily being cheated, here are several simple and practical identification method:

1) See the color of signal plane:
D5 signal surface color is silver, but most D9 is champagne, a few D9 are white gold, anyway more “gold” than the silver D5, like “The Exorcist” and “e-love”, etc.;

2) look at the number at inner circle:
The inner circle of D5 have only one number, and D9 have two number in the inner circle, and the two number is connected, representing two-layers, what’s more, the production of two numbers is 180 degrees opposite to each other RP of;

3) See data capacity:
If the file is larger than 4.7G of, D9 is no doubt, of course, it is not necessarily the capacity less than 4.7G ones is D5, D9 have small size too.

With flexible use of the above points, separated from D5 and D9 should not be a problem.

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