Split a DVD to 2 DVDs without quality loss

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How to perfectly, easily split DVD to 2 DVDs? If you use CloneDVD, it’s super easy to burn one DVD movie onto 2 DVD discs.

When splitting a DVD, we don’t need to worry the DVD is a protected DVD because CloneDVD will auto remove all protections or restrictions from DVD such as CSS, RC, RCE, CMMP, UOPs, ARccOS, APS and so on. So, we can back up all commercial DVDs with this software.

The process of splitting DVD to 2 DVDs is completed with one click. We just need to click the button of Split disc, the CloneDVD will auto and intelligently split the DVD. We just to follow the wizard insert the DVDs to finish the operation.

After we finish splitting DVD to 2 DVDs, the burned DVDs can be fluently played on all DVD drives and home DVD player as the original DVD.

CloneDVD is an all in one DVD software that can copy DVD to DVD, or rip DVD to ISO image file, or convert DVD to MP3, MP2, AC3, AAC audios, or convert DVD to AVI, ASF video format, or convert DVD to iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPad2, BlackBerry, PSP, 3GP mobile phones supported video formats. And more features are supplied.

If you want to free download and free try CloneDVD, and want to use it to split DVD to 2 DVDs , or if you want more information about this program, you can refer to http://www.clonedvd.net/clonedvd/.

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