Stephin Merritt Talks About His Strange Powers

Nov 08th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,157 views |Comments Off

The genius at the rear of The Magnetic Fields on film, forgotten melodies and his father on this exclusive interview.

“Strange Powers” chronicles the quirks and songwriting routines of the solitary of terrific songwriters with this generation, the elusive Stephin Merritt. over a decade within of the making, the documentary from directors Kerthy Fix and Gail O’Hara is truly a fascinating start looking at a extremely individual man, acknowledged for his aversion to the press and fame. Merritt spends his times producing music in gay bars that take place to be at after catchy and somber. numerous of them are so oddly common you can’t think they’re original, but that’s Merritt tapping in to a type of musical Cosmogonic Cycle, harnessing some effortless melody shared within our subconscious.


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