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What kinds of CDs or DVDs can I burn?

Dec 13th, 2011by Boren 5,301 views |Comments Off

Many people who would like to burn a disc may usually ask: what kinds of disc can I burn? This article will tell you something about the types of CDs and DVDs can be burned.
1. CD.
Normally, you can use either a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc for burning. But it depends on the type of removable storage that your CD burner supports, and your preference. You should keep in your mind that not all CD players can play CD-RW discs. You can use a player to burn the following types of CDs: Read More »

Talk about DVD-R Drives

Jul 21st, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,928 views |Comments Off

Technology inevitably arrives with more questions than answers. Even as the tools available to us turn out to be more and more sophisticated, questions frequently remain about how they relate to the tools in the past, how they’re better, and how they are able to accomplish the same tasks and more.

A prime instance can now be seen almost everywhere, as personal computers are shipping with digital video disc drives rather than the more common cd drive, such as all those with DVD-R abilities similar to CD-R Read More »

An comparison between the internal structure of CD and DVD discs

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The minimum pit length CD 0.834um, Road spacing 1.6um.
DVD of the minimum pit length of 0.4um, Road pitch 0.74um.

Are Blu-ray Disc Players Compatible with Standard DVDs and CDs?

Feb 25th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,074 views |Comments Off

So far, Blu-ray player manufacturers have included the ability for their units to playback standard DVDs, this is expected to continue. This means your current DVD library is playable on either a Blu-ray Disc. Also, when you play a standard DVD in a Blu-ray Disc player, you can view it at standard DVD resolution or have the player upscale the DVD playback signal to match 720p/1080i or 1080p mode that will be a better match for viewing on an HDTV. Read More »

What’s firmware and why would I need to upgrade it?

Jan 11th, 2010by dvdxplayer 1,530 views |Comments Off

DVD players are simple computers. Each one has a software program that controls how it plays discs. Since the software is stored on a chip, it’s called firmware. Some players have flaws in their programming that cause problems playing certain DVDs. Read More »