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How to Convert Video to Portable Device & Popular Video Format?

Jun 19th, 2012by Boren 3,679 views |Comments Off

Video lovers have a lot of options nowadays for watching movies and videos on the go. Cell phones, multimedia players, games consoles like PSP, PS3 allow us to get video from anywhere.

Just get the compatible formats that the specific device supports. But sometimes, it is not easy to find the right resource. Fortunately, there are video converters that offer a way to get incompatible videos fixed for playing on your device. Using one of the most powerful video converters – Aviosoft Video Converter, you can easily convert videos in any formats. Here is a simple tutorial to guide you through the conversion process. Read More »

Four steps to convert the latest TV shows to your PSP

Dec 20th, 2011by Boren 3,075 views |Comments Off

The PSP has quickly becomes one of the most popular portable gaming console due to its excellent features. The PSP game console allows you to play games, music, watch videos and more. If you want to watch TV shows, how can you convert the latest TV shows to PSP?

Aviosoft DTV Player enables you to record live TV shows and convert them to PSP. Not only convert to PSP, it can also convert recorded TV show to AVI, ASF, 3GP and MP4 for all the popular known portable devices. Read More »

Convert Recorded Video Files to iPod, PSP

Nov 17th, 2011by Boren 2,801 views |Comments Off

If you are now using an iPod, PSP, or other device that can not sync with Windows Media Player, make sure that the recorded video has been converted to a format supported by iPod and PSP. Before you begin your conversion, you need to download a DVD recorder that has the conversion function. I find an unprecedented combination of DVD decrypter, DVD player, DVD recorder and video converter. It named DVD X Player. Read More »

Convert DAT to MP4 for Sony PSP

Nov 08th, 2011by Boren 3,074 views |1 Comments

DAT Related

DAT, also Digital Audio Tape, is a signal recording and playback medium developed by Sony in the mid 1980s. In appearance it is similar to a compact audio cassette, using 4 mm magnetic tape enclosed in a protective shell, but is about half the size at 73 mm*54 mm*10.5 mm. As the name indicates, the recording is digital rather than analog. DAT has the ability to record at higher, equal or lower sampling rates than a CD at 16 bits quantization. If a digital source is copied then the DAT will produce an exact clone, Read More »