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Why DTS DVD player can not play DTS?

Dec 28th, 2011by Boren 2,346 views |Comments Off

I think many people have ever met this problem: got a DTS DVD play on a DTS DVD player, but no sound come out. Indeed, the DVD player says it can play DTS (with DTS logo on the front), why there is no sound?

When a DVD player says it can play DTS (has the “DTS – Digital Out” label), it means it can read it from the DVD disc, and stream it across your “digital out” port (on the back of DVD player) to an AV receiver. So you need an AV receiver (which is plugged in to the DVD via an optical or coaxial digital cable) to take the DTS stream out, decode it and output it to your 5.1 speaker. Read More »

What is Dolby (AC-3)?

May 11th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,316 views |2 Comments

Dolby AC-3 surround sound system provid five full-range channels and a subwoofer channel component, known as 5.1 channel. Five channels, including left anterior, central, right front, left rear, right rear. Bass channel bass mainly to provide some additional information, so that some scenes, such as explosion, impact, to be heard better. Six channels of information and reduction in the production process of all digital, very little information loss, the whole band is very rich in detail. Read More »