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Free Tips to Overcome the DVD Playback Problems in Windows 7

Apr 19th, 2012by Boren 6,721 views |Comments Off

“I just got a new notebook with Windows 7, and Windows Media Player won’t play any DVD. But I can play the same DVD in an XP machine. The Windows Media Player first told me that I didn’t have the proper codec software. I downloaded it, and it still won’t play.” Many people have encountered such kind of DVD playback problems.

The codec software is actually a DVD decoder which allows playback of DVD Movies on a Windows based PC. Most commonly used within Windows Media Player, but default WMP doesn’t include a DVD decoder. If you really want to watch the DVD right away, then, you need to download a DVD decoder for Windows 7. Read More »

Where Can I Get a Free DVD Decoder for Windows XP?

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A DVD decoder is also known as MPEG-2 decoder. The contents on DVD-video are encoded in MPEG-2 format. To play these files in a player, you need a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer to decode those codecs.

If you encounter an error message that indicates your computer is missing a codec, you are probably attempting to play, burn, or sync a file that was compressed with a code that the DVD player doesn’t contain by default. In most cases, you need to download and install a DVD decoder. Read More »

Download a DVD Decoder for Your Windows Vista Computer

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Try to play a DVD on a Windows Vista computer, but find out that a dialog box pops put with a message showing that the “file format is unknown”? That’s because your DVD player software is unable to decode the MPEG-2 files on the DVD and there is no DVD decoder for Vista installed on your computer.

DVDs still are the primary option to deliver movies. For this reason, people want to watch DVD movies on laptops or PC. 99% of the time, a major DVD movie is encoded and compressed. In order to play such a DVD movie on a computer, the data on the DVD must be decoded. Then a DVD decoder is needed. Read More »

Find DVD Decoder Free Download for Windows

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Ever opened Windows Media Player or other player, and get upset when the annoying message pop out “file format is unknown”? Or find that DVD video can’t be played because the player doesn’t recognize it? Well, chances you need to find a free DVD decoder for Windows if you are eager to watch that movie.

Video today comes in so many shapes and sizes. Or to be more specific, in so many formats that there must be a way for all these file formats to be decoded or unscrambled into a format the player can read successfully. Yes, there is a way by using decoder. Read More »

How much do you know about DVD decoder?

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Suppose you have newly bought a computer recently, the chance is very high that it comes with a DVD player and drive preinstalled. But to make sure you can successfully watch DVD movies, maybe you need to get a suitable DVD decoder installed in your computer.

Though many operation systems have built-in DVD decoders, it’s better for you to understand how the DVD decoding process works, just in case you will be able to explain it to technician and able to feedback or discuss with other in forums online. It will sound cool to those who have no idea of it. Read More »

An introduction of VCD

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VCD (Video Compact Disc) is a CD that contains moving pictures and sound. VCD share many similarities with regular audio/music CDs. A VCD can hold up to 74/80 minutes on 650MB/700MB CDs respectively of full-motion video along with quality stereo sound. VCDs use a compression standard called MPEG to store the video and audio. Read More »

How to troubleshoot Windows XP-based computer can not read CD or DVD problems? – 5

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Method 9: DVD problem solving (region free DVD player software)
Step 1: Unplug all cables connected
a. Unplug the computer video output connection to to all cables.
b. Try to read the disc again.
c. If you still experience problems with the disc, go to step 2. Read More »

A comparison between DVD X Player and DVD Ghost

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Generally speaking, both DVD Ghost and DVD X Player can break DVD copyright; and they all can help you in DVD copying. But DVD X Player have a lot more function than DVD Ghost does, like DVD play, record ect. Read More »

DVD decoder and encoders royalty rate reduced

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DVD technology and formats from the nine major development companies (Hitachi, Ltd., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Japan, JVC Co., Ltd. , Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc.) consortium composed of DVD6C license (hereinafter referred to as “DVD6C”) announced: After a new patent DVD6C license agreement came into effect, DVD decoder and DVD encoder royalty rates for lower prices are as follows: Read More »

DVD Player Decoder | MPEG-2 Decoder

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DVD Decoder is most important factor for DVD Player Software. With it you can play all DVD Disc.

If you have a DVD decoder ( MPEG-2 decoder ) plug-in you can play DVD with your Windows Media Player. Plug-ins add functionality—such as audio effects or DVD capability—to Windows Media Player. You can download plug-ins for your version of the Player as stated as below.

DVD Decoder (MPEG-2 Decoder) plug-ins

Some editions of Windows include full-featured DVD playback capability in Windows Media Player. For those that don’t, you can purchase a plug-in that adds features such as full-screen video playback controls and DVD chapter listings to Windows Media Player.

For Windows 7

Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise come with DVD playback capability built in. If you’re running Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter, you can upgrade your edition of Windows 7 to add full DVD capability.

For Windows XP or Windows Vista

If you’re running Windows XP, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Business, or Windows Vista Enterprise, you can enhance your DVD playback experience by purchasing one of the DVD decoder packs listed below.

For the best multimedia experience on your PC, consider upgrading to Windows 7.
CinePlayer DVD Decoder

CinePlayer DVD Decoder
The CinePlayer DVD Decoder delivers cinema-quality performance and superb audio clarity with support for both high-definition video and 5.1‑channel Dolby Digital audio.

Corel DVD Decoders

Advanced Corel DVD Decoders
Corel’s Advanced DVD Decoders deliver high-definition picture clarity, vivid color, and superior sound straight to your PC. Uses WinDVD technology.

Cyberlink PowerDVD SE

Cyberlink PowerDVD SE
Compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Player 11. Plays DVDs, Dolby audio soundtracks, and TV shows recorded with Windows Media Center.


Get a true home theater experience for Windows Media Player and Windows XP Media Center Edition, with DVD and MPEG-2 playback and rich surround-sound audio.

Audio effects (DSP) plug-ins

Add effects such as reverb, echo, and more with a DSP (digital signal processing) plug-in for Windows Media Player.

SRS Audio Enhancements

SRS Audio Enhancements
Customize your sound with patented SRS audio technologies—then enjoy 3D audio and immersive surround sound across any speaker configuration.


Enhance your listening experience with features such as 3-D surround sound, hyperbass, and headphone optimization.