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CSS-decrypting Software to Decrypt DVDs in The Background

Nov 15th, 2011by Boren 3,255 views |Comments Off

The CSS (Content Scrambling System) is the encryption method in the production of commercial DVDs to avoid DVD-data is copied. The only purpose of CSS is to protect the intellectual property rights by preventing the piracy of DVDs.

The CSS decryption, called DeCSS (De-Content Scrambling System) is an algorithm that can be used to decrypt a DVD which sale on the market, make it unlocked and then copied. Read More »

Powerful DVD Decrypter for Windows 7

Sep 03rd, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,577 views |Comments Off

DVD Ghost, best windows7 DVD decrypter, is especially designed as DVD decrypter for Windows7. It can decrypt any DVD protection such as region code, CSS, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, CMMP and other protections.

This Win7 DVD decrypter will compatible with your Win 7 system very well and will work well with Windows7 DVD drives too. If your Windows7 computer has installed a DVD player software or DVD copy software, or DVD ripper Read More »

DVD Ghost-Professional DVD Decrypter for Vista

Sep 02nd, 2011by dvdxplayer 4,343 views |1 Comments

DVD Ghost is professional DVD decrypter that perfectly works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98/98SE/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003. This DVD decrypter will also run in the background and decrypts DVD protections for all DVD drives, all DVD discs, DVD player software, DVD copy software, DVD backup software. On the other hand, we can also use this DVD decrypter to copy commercial DVDs to hard disk. Read More »

DVD region free on Windows 7

Aug 26th, 2011by dvdxplayer 6,491 views |Comments Off

Some friends often ask how could DVD region free on Windows 7? In fact, it’s super easy. Of course, to DVD region free on Windows 7 we have to need a DVD decrypter. DVD Ghost is professional DVD decryter software that can be well compatible with Windows 7 and other Windows system such as Windows 98/98SE/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Read More »

How to remove DVD RC with DVD Ghost

Aug 25th, 2011by dvdxplayer 4,649 views |1 Comments

RC, an abbreviation of Region Code, is a DRM technique which is used to control DVD or Blu-ray releases. According to the region, the DVD’s content, release date, and price are controlled. RC is encoded in the DVD or Blu-ray disc to restrict the area in which it can be played.

If you want to play a DVD with RC protection in your region specific DVD drive on Windows Read More »