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Free Solutions to Watch DVD for Free on Computer

Apr 14th, 2012by Boren 3,230 views |Comments Off

Many people asked the same question: how to convert their desktop PC or laptop drive to region free. The chances are that their current drive will only change its region at most five times. Once the permitted changes have been used up, the drive will be locked to the region of the final switch. Then they can’t play disc in other regions. You have to pay for those movies if you really want to watch, either going to the cinema, or using Internet. If you want to watch DVD for free, here are some solutions. Read More »

Try to Play DVD Movies on a Windows Laptop in A Simple Way

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A laptop with DVD drive allows one to play DVD movies by reading the content of DVD discs. A laptop is easy to carry and use. It would be great to watch DVD movies on a high resolution screen laptop. Do you know how to play DVD on laptop? Obviously, only a DVD drive is not enough, we need a software DVD player to read DVD video (MPEG-2 digital format).

Free Download Region-free DVD Player for Windows Read More »

The Importance of DVD Player Software

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DVD players become an essential part of our life. DVD players deliver excellent quality sound and images. However, the quality doesn’t only lie on the DVD players, DVD player software is equally important. Usually we use DVD players for the purpose of watching movies or video clips, and listening to music.

A DVD player is a good tool for DVD playback, but if you don’t install the right DVD player software, it will be useless for you. To play DVD movies on a computer, the DVD player program is very necessary. It allows you to watch the movies successfully on the computer. So we must have some ideas about the importance of DVD player software. Read More »

Region Free / Code Free DVD Player

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DVD has a digital flag that conveys hard-coded DVD player where is the DVD from. When a DVD disc is loaded, the software in the DVD player will compare the region code on the disc with the one set in the DVD player. If the region code does not match each other, the DVD disc can’t be read and played. A region 1 DVD can’t be played in a region 2 DVD player so as vice versa. This is the way to make it possible that studios release the same movie in different countries at different time. They can fix different prices between for movie tickets and DVDs, thus adding potential revenue to the studios. Read More »

Enjoy Theater-like 5.1 Multi-channel Audio and 7.1 Multi-channel Audio

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5.1 multi-channel audio refers to stereo audio program intended to be monitored through six channels: five full frequency range (20Hz to 20KHz) channels intended as Front Left, Front Center, Front Right, Left Surround, and Right Surround, and one frequency limited (below 120Hz) channel for the LFE (Low Frequency Effects), or Subwoofer track. This format is also typically referred to simply as “5.1.” Read More »

Throw away traditional DVD player and get more featured DVD player software

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dvd_x_playerA DVD player is an electronic device to play discs contained both on video and audio. From 1990, DVD has become a new digital format that changed the way you entertain yourself in your house. It mixes feature-rich software, incredible picture and quality audio. As long as DVD technology is getting advanced, it makes this format even better today.

Firstly, DVD players are traditional and use analog video connection. And soon DVD brought new dimension to the market. Component video provided more bandwidth for color resolution and required less processing from the end display. Component video offered far more detailed and vivid image. Even then, the output image quality was below the expectation of the customer. Read More »

Maximizing DVD playback on PC using DVD / video playing software

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If you frequently watch DVD movies on DVD player, you’ve missed a lot of playing movies on PC. DVD X Player has fully understood the advantages of playing video / DVD on a computer than on electronic equipment like portable DVD player. For its powerful functions, DVD X Player will maximize DVD playback on PC.

DVD X Player either rips the video and save it as MPEG-2, AVI, ASF, 3GP, MP4 or just play them straight from DVD optical drive. Computers are the natural home of digital sources, and electronic players are just derivatives of certain part of PC like memory, decoding chips, video and sound cards. DVD players are artlessly specialized computers focused on one action alone – video playback. Read More »

Factors to be considered when buy a DVD player

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Are you looking for a new DVD player? If yes, you have to pay attention to the terms of people manufacturing, marketing and reviewing players use these days to describe their products. Terms show us the changes that taken place with DVD technology in recent years. It seems these terms sound pleased to ears, but not everyone understands the meaning behind them.

Today’s new DVD player is more than just a device for watching DVD movies, they have better output: clearer images, immersed surround sound. And new players can also play CDs and audio files, video files. You can enjoy high-resolution multi-channel music with today’s new DVD players. Read More »

Search online for DVD player free download

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Computer systems are primarily for complex calculations for persons who work in the industrial areas as software and technical development. However, at the present time the most users use computer as a complete entertainment center rather than calculation machine. Software programmers try every effort to design software for people’s different types of media needs such as gaming, photos, videos and audio. Most PC systems come with a DVD player to play movies with software pre-installed, but sometimes preinstalled software that came from the plant can’t be setup to play movies. In these cases you need to download a free DVD player that is easier-to-use and legal, and sometimes you can also change your old version DVD player. Read More »

Choose the best DVD Player for your DVD playback

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Different people may have different opinions on the best DVD player and it depends how it worked for them in the past. It is really about the features, and to remember that any DVD format will play on your computer.

Although there are over 5000 sites announce that theirs are the best players, it really the top 10 affect. Though there are many DVD player software available on market, the precise properties are nearly the same, you would think that it would be easy to find the right one for you and meet your needs. Read More »