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Tips to tell whether your DVD player is a multi-region DVD player or not

Dec 29th, 2011by Boren 6,624 views |Comments Off

Suppose you have got a new DVD player as a gift from a friend. You want to buy a DVD which is in the region beyond yours, but you do not know whether the new DVD player is a multi-region DVD player or not. Can it play a disc from different regions? Or you have got a DVD player software on PC and also do not know if it is able to play multi-region discs. How to know it before you spending money on a different region disc? Then the following paragraphs will tell you how to find it out. Read More »

DVD player+DVD recorder+video converter+media player

Aug 24th, 2011by dvdxplayer 4,151 views |Comments Off

Are you looking for professional and powerful DVD player software? Why not free download and free try DVD X Player from http://www.dvd-x-player.com/. Why I recommend this dvd player software for you? This dvd player software integrate dvd player, dvd recorder, video converter, media player together!

We can use this dvd player software to play all regions dvd discs on all dvd drives on Windows 98/ 98 SE/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ Vista, and Windows 7.  Whatever CSS or RCE or APS or RPC etc Read More »

Record DVD on Windows

Aug 22nd, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,071 views |Comments Off

Can we record DVD on Windows system? And how could we easily record DVD on Windows? DVD X Player is a powerful and profession DVD player software which is especially designed for Windows system such as Windows 98/98 SE/ Me/ 2000/ XP/, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Read More »

Gets 5.1-channel Dolby Digital when Watching DVD on Computer

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Dolby digital 5.1 surround channels produce multichannel audio for delivering a cinematic audio experience. Dolby digital 5.1 provides rich and enveloping sound which adds impact and realism on the movie. If we can get the Dolby digital 5.1 on computer when seeing the DVD movies, we will feel we are in the cinema. Our computer will be the home theater. Read More »

Watch DVD Movies with 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Aug 02nd, 2011by dvdxplayer 3,254 views |Comments Off

What is aspect ratio?

The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of the width of the image to its height. The most common aspect ratios in the presentation of films in movie theaters are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1. 4:3 and 16:9 are two common video graphic aspect ratios. 4:3 is a universal video format of the 20th century. Read More »

How to copy iDevice video recordings to your PC

Jul 31st, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,232 views |Comments Off

At a recent carshow, I used my iPhone to shoot some nice car. Later I wanted to show the videos to my kids–not on my tiny iPhone screen, but on my computer’s nice big monitor. Just one problem: how?

If you’re new to capturing video with your iPhone, iPad 2, or fourth-gen iPod Touch, you may have discovered there’s no obvious way to copy those mini-movies from your device to your PC. (Note: For purposes of this tutorial, I’m focusing squarely on Read More »

How to play AVI?

Jul 25th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,764 views |Comments Off

AVI is common videos format, but “how to play AVI?” is probably the most common question a person new to digital video asks. This question is being asked by different ways:”I downloaded a movie and it wont play”,”AVI wont open!” and “This video doesn’t work!”– all of them asking basically the same question.So We will to recommend a tool to solve this problem in this article! Read More »

Why do we choose DVD X Player?

Aug 13th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,906 views |Comments Off

Due to high definition and huge capacity, DVDs are widely welcome all over the world. I have large numbers of DVDs that contain classical movies which are favored by the people all over the world. But unfortunately, because of the region-limited some of them are not played with my DVD player. Read More »

Region Coding and Code-Free DVD Player

May 29th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,980 views |Comments Off

Region coding is a controversial system enforced by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) that controls the distribution of DVDs in World Markets based on feature film release dates and other factors. Read More »

Is there a amplifier with AC-3 decoder and 5.1 channel can work with a built-in AC-3 decoding DVD player with the use of it?

May 05th, 2010by dvdxplayer 1,642 views |Comments Off

A built-in AC-3 decoding DVD player is compatible with AC-3 decoder and 5.1 channel amplifier.