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What is PAL and NTSC?

May 13th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,102 views |Comments Off

NTSC: National Television System Committee standard is an Electronics Industry Association, it is a Committee of the United States, Canada, Japan and parts of Central America and South America, making the commercial television broadcasting standard. Read More »

Is DVD Player Industry Going Down?

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Statistics show, DVD players sales reach their lowest point in seven years.

The drop is being blamed on widespread use of set top boxes and an increase in downloading; experts are even warning that the technology could be retired in the next ten years. Read More »

Is there a amplifier with AC-3 decoder and 5.1 channel can work with a built-in AC-3 decoding DVD player with the use of it?

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A built-in AC-3 decoding DVD player is compatible with AC-3 decoder and 5.1 channel amplifier.

Does DVD player in computer support AC-3 or DTS?

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Amp and speakers for computers and DVD player software decoding demands to Dobly AC-3 or Dobly ProLogic nature, and few see the dts decoding Amp, probably not much dts movies.

What is the main features of DVD-VIDEO?

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* Using high quality MPEG-2 video standard
* Support for 4:3 full screen, 4:3 PS, 16:9 wide-screen and other screen formats deformation
* Supports up to eight tracks of digital audio and 32 subtitle
* Each sound track can have up to 8 channels
* Up to 9 view angle Read More »

What is DVD’s two audio formats AC-3 and DTS?

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Dolby Digital AC-3 surround sound system provided by five full-range channels plus a subwoofer channel is formed, it is called 5.1-channel, five channel, including front of “the left channel,” ” mid-channel “,” right track “, the rear of the” Left surround channel “and” right surround channels. ” The sixth channel is the subwoofer channel contains some extra bass of information, making some scenes, such as explosion, crash, etc. better. (DVD to 3GP Converter) Read More »

Marks and functions of DVD disc

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1, DVD Video mark: standard DVD-Video laser disc.

2, DOLBY DIGITAL Dolby sign on behalf of this CD sound signals have been used within the AC-3 encoding process, you can enjoy the number of digital sound effects if your computer have AC-3 decoding equipment. Of course, in addition to this symbols, other mark such as DTS, MPEG2 will also appear. Read More »

Will 3D Movie Go Home?

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Thanks to recent advances in digital technology movie producers, directors and theater chain owners can release blockbuster films across the country in a dazzling immersive medium. There are now nearly 2,500 3-D digital theaters across the US and that number will grow quickly as more and more movies are released in 3-D. DVD to 3GP converter Read More »

RealPlayer SP with SuperPass includes the following new features and enhancements

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RealPlayer H.264
The new RealPlayer H.264 Converter can easily convert the video into a new digital video standard for consumer electronics and personal computer use. ( DVD Player software )

Download Video
Now you can download from thousands of websites and organize your favorite video. Arbitrary, anytime, anywhere viewing. Read More »

What should we do if we bought a defective DVD player?

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In order to adress this issue more effectively, I will cite a friend’s personal experience and give an analysis for it.

Case narration: A couple of weeks ago I bought a DVD player. It worked for the first few times I used it but now it just won’t work at all. I took it back to the shop but the salesperson told me that as it was working when they sold it to me, the company is no longer responsible for it. Furthermore, the sales-person also implied I might have damaged it. I know I have used the DVD player properly and that I have not damaged it. What can I do? Read More »