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Choose the Best PC Video Player for Windows

Feb 21st, 2012by Boren 3,241 views |Comments Off

Videos are welcome these days for promoting business online or just sharing your ideas with others. Video is a direct and simple medium that people would prefer as they just need to click and watch rather than read long texts.

In order to adapt to these trend, the need of good PC video player software is also booming. If you are looking for a good PC video player that will enable you to play your loved videos or check out your video files whatever format they are, it is important to check out its features and compare which software is suitable for you. Read More »

Maximizing DVD playback on PC using DVD / video playing software

Feb 01st, 2012by Boren 2,426 views |Comments Off

If you frequently watch DVD movies on DVD player, you’ve missed a lot of playing movies on PC. DVD X Player has fully understood the advantages of playing video / DVD on a computer than on electronic equipment like portable DVD player. For its powerful functions, DVD X Player will maximize DVD playback on PC.

DVD X Player either rips the video and save it as MPEG-2, AVI, ASF, 3GP, MP4 or just play them straight from DVD optical drive. Computers are the natural home of digital sources, and electronic players are just derivatives of certain part of PC like memory, decoding chips, video and sound cards. DVD players are artlessly specialized computers focused on one action alone – video playback. Read More »

Trying to download a free DVD / video player for enjoying DVD and videos

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We usually seek help from trusted technicians to install some programs in our computer. However, nowadays, there are many programs existed on Internet. You can find some Windows 7 programs which can makes your computer work in the best way.

Suppose if you are fond of DVD movies or popular videos, you would like to have a newest media player being installed in your Windows 7 computer. Read More »