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What should I do to move the software I purchased to the new computer?

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First, please un-install the software from your old computer.

Then, download the CORRECT version of your software and install it on your new computer, register it with your previous registration info

What is Horizontal Resolution?

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Horizontal Resolution refers to smallest increment of a television picture that can be discerned in the horizontal plane. It is measured in TV lines per height.

What is Composite Video?

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Composite Video refers to video in which all of the picture information is combined into only one signal as opposed to being separated into unique components of luminance, color and synchronization information.

About DVD discs region code

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There are 6 DVD discs Region Codes, detailed as below:

Region Code 1: USA, Canada, East Pacific Islands

Region Code 2: Japan, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Egypt, South Africa, Middle East

Region Code 3: Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, South-East Asia Read More »

What is a Dolby Pro-Logic Surround?

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Dolby Pro-Logic Surround is  Dolby’s analog stereo/surround sound technology.

What is Linear PCM?

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Linear PCM is a signal recording format used in audio CDs. While audio CDs are recorded in 44.1 kHz/16 bit, DVDs are recorded in 48 kHz/16 bit up to 96 kHz/24 bit.

What is DTS?

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DTS refers to Digital Theater Systems. While Dolby Digital is the standard 5.1 digital surround format on all DVD players, DTS is becoming a possible alternative. DTS, first introduced in the movie Jurassic Park, is now found on many film soundtracks. DTS soundtracks have been available on laser discs for the past couple of years Read More »

Are Blu-ray and HD-DVD Discs Region Coded, Like DVDs?

Mar 08th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,256 views |1 Comments

For Blu-ray Discs, there are three regions, designated as follows:

Region A: U.S., Japan, Latin America, East Asia (except China).

Region B: Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Region C: China, Russia, Remaining countries. Read More »

What is meant by an HD-compatible DVD player?

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An HD-compatible DVD player is a unit that is equipped with either a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) or HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Interface) connection. This connection can transfer the video signal from the DVD player to an HDTV that has the same type of video connections in pure digital form. In addition, this type of DVD player also has an what is referred to as “upscaling capability”.

If a DVD Player Can Play CDs, Then Which is Better For Playing CDs – A DVD Player or a CD-only Player?

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Although sharing some basic similarities, such as the size of the discs, and the the fact that they are both digitally encoded formats, CDs and DVDs  are very different. CDs have different focusing requirements than DVDs, so, in order for a DVD player to play CDs they need one of two things: A laser that has the ability change its focusing accurately based on DVD or CD detection or, more commonly, a DVD player will have two lasers, one for reading DVDs and one for reading CDs. This is often referred to a Twin-Laser Assembly as is usually listed in the spec sheet for DVD players that have them.

The reason that DVD players can also play CDs is not so much technical, but is a conscious marketing strategy. When DVD was first introduced to the market in 1996-1997, it was decided that one of the best ways to increase sales of DVD players and make them more appealing to consumers was to also include the ability for DVD players to also be able to play CDs. As a result, the DVD player actually became two units in one, a DVD player and a CD player. Although some audio processing circuitry is shared, the basic requirements of both CD and DVD compatibility are accommodated separately within the same chassis.

Now, as to whether ALL DVD players are better CD players, not all are. You have to compare them unit-by-unit. However, a great many of them are, especially DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio Universal Players, due their higher-end audio processing. Also, as a result of the popularity of DVD and CD, it is becoming harder to find CD-only players. In fact, most CD-only players available these days are either the Jukebox type that hold 50 or more CDs, or very high-end single tray units.